About Us

Heritage Ministries is proud to present Homestead Stables which provides
what no other senior living community in the region can and offers an
array of services to the public including boarding, training, lessons,
facility rental, intergenerational activities, and leasing opportunities.

Who We Are

Our professional and knowledgeable staff have decades of experience in the equine industry and deliver the best customer service possible. Whether you’re looking for a hassle-free place to board your horse, lessons for a family member, or a place to host your next horse event, Homestead Stables can meet your needs!

Conveniently located on 100 acres in the center of Gerry, New York…the “Rodeo Capital of the East!”

We are able to provide a service that no other senior living community in the region has to offer

We offer as assortment of equine services to the public including boarding, professional training, lessons, sales, leasing opportunities, and facility rentals

Campus residents receive the benefits of boarding a horse at a discounted rate and having horses right in their backyard

Our Mission

To support the mission of Heritage Ministries and The Homestead senior living community of promoting Hope, Dignity, and Purposeful Living through an equestrian center which offers excellence in boarding, training, lessons and other therapeutic and educational experiences.

Unbeatable Location!

1. Gerry Rodeo – 1 mile
2. Jamestown, NY – 8 miles
3. Erie, PA – 52 miles
4. Buffalo, NY – 63 miles
5. Cleveland, OH – 149 miles
6. Rochester, NY – 133 miles

“We have learned that moving to a community with opportunities for increased socialization, purposeful activities, and supportive services before you need specific medical and assistance greatly improves and extends the quality of life. I always say ‘Don’t wait; come while you can still fully enjoy it.’ This new and innovative addition to our community is an amenity for our residents to enjoy if they choose to do so, but it is also meant to support and boost our local community. We are excited about all the new possibilities.”

– David Smeltzer, President and CEO, Heritage Ministries

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