Auxiliary Services

In addition to our boarding packages, we offer additional services to
care for your horse. Our professional, qualified, and committed staff
enjoy making your time with Homestead Stables comfortable and
hassle-free. We ensure that your horse is provided with exceptional care.

“Caring for horses is a life-long passion of mine. At Homestead we develop and maintain happy and healthy horses through proper care, feeding, exercise, and management. We are committed to establishing a safe and comfortable environment with each horse’s quality of life as our main focus. I believe in working with the owners to develop a care plan that is most suitable for that individual horse. Here at Homestead we treat every horse as an individual and I am confident that you won’t find better care anywhere else!”

– Heather Payne, Barn Manager & Trainer

2020 Auxiliary Rates*

Please note: Services may not be available at all times based on barn schedule, staffing, and equipment.  

Body Clip $1501
Show Clip (bridle path, ears, eyes, muzzle, legs) $201
Excessive white on legs $102
Basic Clip (bridle path, muzzle, eyes, fetlocks) $101
Bathing $203
Thinning/Shortening Manes $10
Banding $25
Washing/Conditioning Tails $10
Washing Blankets/Sheets $10/load
Grooming/Tacking $5
Hauling $1.50/mile4
Leg Wrapping $10
Medical Care (applying topical medication, bandaging, hosing, etc.) TBD
Lunging (per 30 minutes) $10
Assist Vet or Farrier (per 30 minutes) $10
Plus applicable sales tax (8%)
Sedation will be an additional charge
2 White extends above knee or hock on more than one leg
3 Extra whitening needed (gray or paint), $25
4 Minimum of $50, $1.50 per mile. For local transport of horses (within 20 miles of Homestead Stables) that are being picked up to board at our farm, the minimum of $50 does not apply. A fee of $1.25 will be charged per mile.

Schedule exceptional care
for your horse!