Equine Assisted Therapy

Through our equine/human behavior training program we develop and deliver life-enriching, educational activities that can bring empowerment, healing, and behavior improvement!

In collaboration with Dawn Samuelson, Homestead Stables brings you

Through the Horse's Eyes

Horses have a unique way of sensing and mimicking human behavior and emotions. Equine Assisted Therapy allows humans to interact and connect with horses and each other in a non-threatening, non-judgmental atmosphere. Through these interactions, emotional and behavioral tendencies are uncovered and encountered under the supervision of a certified instructor. Together, people learn about horses and themselves while having fun at the same time!

Workshops & Trainings


Goal Setting &
Personal Healing

Self-Discovery &

Stress Management
& Coping Strategies

Teamwork &

What We Offer

Our unique hands-on programming, provided by Dawn Samuelson, presents growth and enrichment opportunities for all ages. We customize workshops and trainings to meet the needs of any individual or group – the program translates to a wide variety of settings and situations. Participants have the chance to develop trust, increase communication skills, and build relationships. Other Equine Assisted Therapy services available include life coaching, evaluation of horse behavior, seminars, and more.

“The program offered by Dawn provides a valuable teaching tool for children. Thank you for all you do!”

– Catherine M. Young, New York State Senator

Experiential behavior modification
training can be life-changing for:

• Individuals, Students & Seniors
• Employee & Corporate Groups
• Veterans & First Responders
• Victims of Abuse & At-Risk Youth
• And many more!

Workshop Facilitator

“Through the Horse’s Eyes” is provided by Dawn Samuelson, an accredited partner for Life Skills Development utilizing Equine Behavior Training methodologies to engage at-risk populations of youth or adults. Her specialty is shaping behavior patterns, implementing positive reinforcement, keeping the horse and human feeling safe, and treating everyone with dignity.

“At the training, candidates were pre-tested and post-tested on non-verbal communication, behavior management, and producing a desired result. During this innovative program, we were in awe of the predictability of behavior and effectiveness of managing behavior once it is understood. It is both inspirational and practical!

– Julie Hall, Director of Field Services, St. Bonaventure University

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