Vibrant Senior Living

Homestead Stables, located on the grounds of The Homestead, a vibrant senior living community, promotes intergenerational connection,
vibrant lifestyle, and equine-related activities for people of all ages.  

Unique Opportunities

Through Homestead Stables, Heritage Ministries provides what no other senior living community in the region can while being able to offer an assortment of equine services to the public. Not only can Heritage residents and employees benefit from boarding a horse at a discounted rate but they can also enjoy the benefits of having horses right in their backyard.

Friends and families are welcome to visit the stables with their loved one. Sign up the grandkids to take a riding lesson or join in other activities that are available at the stable!

Considering moving into independent living housing but don’t want to be separated from your horse? Homestead residents can board their horse(s) at Homestead Stables at a discounted rate and enjoy hassle free living with their horse!

“We have learned that moving to a community with opportunities for increased socialization, purposeful activities, and supportive services before you need specific medical and assistance greatly improves and extends the quality of life. I always say ‘Don’t wait; come while you can still fully enjoy it.’ This new and innovative addition to our community is an amenity for our residents to enjoy if they choose to do so, but it is also meant to support and boost our local community. We are excited about all the new possibilities.”

– David Smeltzer, President and CEO, Heritage Ministries

Heritage Ministries

Since 1886, Heritage has been committed to our mission: to serve others through Christ-centered ministries which promote HOPE, DIGNITY, and PURPOSEFUL LIVING. Dedicated to quality and excellence, Heritage is an industry leader in senior living, with locations across the United States. We serve over 2,400 individuals annualy, with over 1,400 staff members across our communities.