Domestic Abuse Awareness Rides Into Jamestown

“Domestic violence has always been a personal issue for me,” said Meredith Cherry, who has been on a three-year pilgrimage across the country with her horse Apollo. Since 2017, Cherry and Apollo have traveled over 7,500 miles and across 29 states, spreading awareness of domestic abuse. The pair started in California and came through Jamestown on Thursday, a day ahead of schedule, where they visited the Salvation Army.

“We are so excited to have her,” said Jacquelyn Sasso, prevention educator coordinator for the Salvation Army. “What she does to help domestic violence awareness is amazing.” Cherry herself has experienced domestic violence. Now, Cherry stops at different domestic violence shelters, women’s shelters, schools and community centers, sharing her stories about domestic abuse, and receiving stories in return. She and Apollo then take those new stories to the next town.

“Horses have always been a passion of mine,” Cherry said, “so it made sense to me to travel by horse and see the country.”