Homestead Stables Pauses Operations

Lisa Haglund, Heritage President and CEO, shared today that the Homestead Stables Equestrian Center will pause all operations effective September 1, 2020.

Haglund shared, “Heritage has always been committed to putting the safety and well-being of all God’s creatures we’ve been entrusted to care for as our top priority, including those who called the Homestead Stables their home. It is with sincere gratitude that we thank our community for their patience and understanding as we work through the many challenges of this global pandemic. COVID-19 has placed upon all organizations an unprecedented level of change. In keeping with our mission to provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff and those we serve, we have had to make many difficult decisions along the way. Throughout the pandemic, we have been forced to suspend stables events, lessons, and clinics. The heavy financial burden of this pandemic has also forced us to make many difficult decisions across all of Heritage, such as suspending construction projects across the organization in order to put the full focus on ensuring our residents experience the highest quality of care, while our staff have the safe precautions and personal protective equipment needed every day. As we navigate through these challenges, we have made a difficult decision regarding Homestead Stables that will allow us to focus solely on our healthcare operations.”

She went on to share that while Homestead Stables remains hopeful regarding their future, Heritage will be taking the time during this pandemic to conduct a feasibility study, competitive analysis, and due diligence to determine what that future might look like, or when operations may resume.